At Associates In Oral and Facial Surgery, we realize that having any surgery can be stressful. Our desire is to have your post-operative course progress as smoothly as possible. These instructions provide some general guidelines with regards to post-operative care; your doctor may give you additional instructions as well. Thank you for choosing Associates In Oral and Facial Surgery.


If gauze has been placed following your surgery, continue to bite applying pressure for approximately one hour after surgery. Gauze may be changed at hourly intervals if necessary until bleeding has stopped. When replacing gauze be sure to moisten with water so it does not stick to the tissue, as this will cause it to bleed more. Some blood in the saliva is normal for up to 72 hours following surgery. If sutures have been placed they will dissolve on their own in7-10 days. If a membrane has been placed the suture is non-dissolving and will be removed at your post-op appointment.

Physical Activity

You may not operate any vehicle or hazardous device for at last (24) hours after your release from surgery, or until fully recovered form the effects of the anesthesia medication. If you are taking narcotic pain medications, you may not operate any vehicle or hazardous device while you are taking the medication. You should not work and take narcotic pain medication. No sports participation until stitches are removed.


You should not rinse your mouth for at least 24 hours following surgery, but after that rinsing should be done every 4 hours with warm salt water (1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water.) This should be continued for one week post-operatively. You may brush your teeth as normal. No mouthwash for 14 days following surgery. Sometimes you are able to see the top of the implant through tissue or above tissue do not be alarmed this is normal.

Ice / Heat

You may be instructed to place ice / heat pack (provided) over the area of surgery upon returning home. If so, place the pack cloth side toward face on the affected area for 20-minute intervals. This will aid in the relief of pain and minimize swelling. After 48 hours, you may discontinue the cold and switch to moist heat as needed for discomfort and continue for one week post-operatively. The ice packs provided may be placed in the refrigerator or microwave, cooled (one to two hours in the freezer) and heated (20 seconds on high) as needed. **NOTE** Do not over heat may cause burns or rupture.


You will be most comfortable with a soft diet (mashed potatoes, soft pasta, scrambled eggs, etc…) for the first 24 hours. You may then return to a normal diet as tolerated. You must eat prior to taking medications. PLEASE REMEMBER TO REMOVE ANY GAUZE BEFORE YOU EAT, DRINK, OR TAKE ANY MEDICATIONS. If any bleeding continues, you may place new moist gauze after eating or drinking and bite down for at least 30 min without talking.


If you have been given a prescription for a medication, please get that filled and take as directed on the bottle, AFTER EATING. If you have not been given a prescription, you may take Tylenol, aspirin or the analgesic of your choice as needed for pain. Narcotics that have been prescribed are to be taken with food otherwise they can cause nausea and vomiting. 600-800 mg. of a Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory should be taken 3 hours after pain medication (i.e. Aleve, Ibuprofen, Advil, and Motrin) and every 6 hours thereafter, alternating with the narcotic medication prescribed. REMEMBER YOU MUST EAT BEFORE TAKING PAIN MEDICATION. An antibiotic may be prescribed if the doctor feels it is necessary. Some patients will receive a script for Phenergan suppositories these need only be filled and used if the patient is extremely nauseous or is vomiting repeatedly (it will make it stop).


DO NOT be alarmed by swelling, as this is a very common occurrence. You may notice some tightness of the jaw muscles and various aches or pains about your face. Swelling INCREASES for 72 hours following surgery then should start to decrease by the 5th post-operative day. Don’t forget ice for the first 48 hours then a heat like hot water bottle, heating pad, or even damp wash cloth heated up in microwave will work. If you experience a bad taste or see discharge in area please call the office for a follow –up appointment as this could be a sign of infection.

Follow Up

If necessary, an appointment will be made at the front desk for one week to check the extraction site. If you did not receive an appointment and feel you would like to be seen please don’t hesitate to call during normal business hours we will be happy to see you.


If you have any questions regarding a condition, it is best to call the office during REGULAR OFFICE HOURS. A follow-up office visit is provided as a courtesy at no charge. If you have a TRUE emergency, the doctor or his assistant can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling the appropriate office number below:

New Port Richey Office, (727) 849-8100

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