At Associates In Oral and Facial Surgery, we realize that having any surgery can be stressful. Our desire is to have your post-operative course progress as smoothly as possible. These instructions provide some general guidelines with regards to post-operative care; your doctor may give you additional instructions as well. Thank you for choosing Associates In Oral and Facial Surgery.


A sinus closure is performed when an opening or communication between the mouth and sinus occurs. Sinus closure often heals slowly and with some difficulty. With this procedure light bleeding from the nose is not uncommon for several days after the surgery. Certain precautions will assist you in healing; we ask that you faithfully follow these instructions to help you heal in a timely manner.

  1. Take antibiotics as prescribed and finish all of the script.
  2. Do not forcefully spit for several days.
  3. Do not use a straw for at least 1 week.
  4. Do not smoke for at least several days (this will restrict healing).
  5. Try not to sneeze; it will cause undesired sinus pressure. If you must sneeze, keep your mouth open it will release the pressure.
  6. Do not forcefully blow your nose for at least 2 weeks, even though your sinus may feel "stuffy" and there may be some drainage. If you must please be very gentle. Also, you may take some sort of nasal decongestant if needed to help.
  7. A soft diet for several days is indicated, and chewing on the opposite side would be best for healing.
  8. Gentle salt water rinses may be used, do not vigorously rinse as this could cause the loss of the blood clot and slow healing.
  9. Follow our post operative extraction sheet given with this sheet for other instructions.

Please keep our office advised of any changes in your condition, if drainage or pain increases after the first 3 days of healing, or you start having fluid coming out of your nose when you drink. It is important that you keep all future appointments until this complication has been resolved.


If you have any questions regarding a condition, it is best to call the office during REGULAR OFFICE HOURS. A follow-up office visit is provided as a courtesy at no charge. If you have a TRUE emergency, the doctor or his assistant can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling the appropriate office number below:

New Port Richey Office, (727) 849-8100

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